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The Variant Cover

secret WARRIORS #6

The Variant Cover

More and more publishers are offering variant covers. There are two types. The variant ( var ) and the incentive ( incv ) cover. The var is usually pegged to a quantity we must order for every one we want to purchase. An incv is usually pegged to a quantity we must order and other conditions.

The incv is usually not announced in Previews but hey, there are precious few rules in the variant cover world. I usually do not include the codes to variant covers because I can not guarantee the availability or price of variants. Many variant orders get cancelled because we could not fill or felt wrong to charge someone “out of the blueâ€? a fist full of dollars for a book that had no price in Previews only hype about “SPECIAL VARIANT COVER!!!â€? We do fill variants when we can. Most DC and Marvel 1 in 10 variants go out at $5.99 NET. If there is a variant cover you are interested in lets talk.