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Inside the New Diamond Distribution Center

 Look, pictures of Keith's trip to Mississippi this past weekend.


Not a video blog, but a photo montage of the new 600,000-square-foot Diamond distribution center in Olive Branch and many of the cool things we saw.


Some interesting facts about the new center:*

Improved receiving: Receiving functions for weekly shipments, reorders and returns – which are currently spread out across the two Memphis facilities – will be consolidated into a single location.

Inventory integrity: The WMS’ RF scanning functions will capture all information about the items on a given skid, allowing Diamond to better track inventory, reduce discrepancies and shortages and maximize reorder fill rates.

Improved accuracy: Using advanced voice-directed technology, the WMS will guide Diamond personnel to the exact locations and quantities of the products needed to pick and pack customer reorders more efficiently and accurately.

Packing list generation: The new system will create a packing list for each box of direct ship reorders and prepacks. This will enable customers to check in their reorder and prepack shipments with greater speed and ease.

Dimensional packing: In addition to other valuable information, the dimensions of items received by the WMS are captured by the system upon receipt so that, when that item is processed as part of a shipment, the system can use that information – with the dimensions of other items in the shipment – to configure the most efficient packaging, thus reducing freight costs for customers.


*from the Official Diamond Press release.